[ Jack---Frost ]

Darkness. That’s the first thing I remember. It was dark, it was cold, and I was scared. But then… then I saw the Moon. It was so big, and it was so bright. It seemed to, chase the darkness away. And when it did… I wasn’t scared anymore.

gonnahavealittlefun asked: "Yeah, I'm not gonna wait." As much as Jack loved his partner, and as likely as they were to spend their time together anyways, being trapped in one place wasn't appealing in the least. With Glowworm to his feet, Jack took hold of the net on either side of him, stretching it to give himself room to jump, and to keep himself from falling through the holes under them. "On 3," he agreed. "1, 2, 3!" He raised himself high, using the net for leverage, and brought himself down sharply.

Mirroring the other spirit, Jack waited for the signal. And when it came, he raised himself, coming down at just about the same time as his partner. The next moments really happened too fast for Jack to realize what was going on. All he knew was that the ground was coming up much too fast and that he had tried calling the wind out of habit — only to get a rather small breeze that would have only carried a leaf. 

The next thing he knew was pain in his legs, causing them to buckle under himself. And if that wasn’t enough there was soon a worse pain in his head. Curling up, he grabbed his head with a groan. Logic would have told him that the branch they had broken hit his head just after they hit ground, but at that point in time he really didn’t care what was causing his pain. This really hadn’t been a good idea…

gonnahavealittlefun asked: Jack was worried until he saw the bit of a smirk at the corner of Glowworm's lips. He knew things like this were sensitive still, but the boundaries felt like they were different all the time--sometimes they could push further, other times they had to take several steps back. This, though it was an accident, was obviously a step too far. He pulled his legs up to his chest, crossing his ankles to be safe. "You know I'll wait as long as you need to. And it was kinda your doing, Mr. Fancyfingers."

The smirk on Jack’s face fell slightly when his partner pulled his legs in. It sort of felt like the other spirit was closing himself in, which he didn’t want. It was just an accident — and if they weren’t naked he probably wouldn’t have pulled away like he had. Maybe he could make it better.

When his partner spoke, though, Jack couldn’t hide the sheepish smirk that formed his lips. He hadn’t expected that sort of reaction, but at the same time he couldn’t hide the sort of pride that came with his sheepishness. “I’ll have to remember to be careful with you,” he mused, “Didn’t know you were that sensitive~” He chuckled, bringing a hand up and playfully poking at his partner’s leg. A little joking could make everything better,  right?


"We're gonna have a little fun, instead!"


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